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Here I am in sunny London

And boy is it sunny. I am happy about this so far, but my views may change when I have to get on the tube. Note to self - buy suncream before the commitment thingy!

Yesterday was cool, in spite of having had next to no sleep on the so-called sleeper train I managed to keep going all day. Or maybe I *was* asleep and was just dreaming that I was lying awake listening to the countryside go buy (that countryside can be bloody noisy stuff!).

Anyway, we got into Euston at 7.00am, and in spite of being told we could stay in our cabins until 8.00, we were woken up at ten to six by a helpful GNER employee with plastic coffee and croissants. I virtuously didn't eat the croissant (not hard actually) and managed to stick to the diet yesterday - which gives me more leeway for Italian food and booze tonight.

Then we got a tube to Leicester square, I had a butterless bagel and watched Sandy eat a giant fry up, and spent ages wandering round Covent Garden and Neal Street, where nothing opens until 10 or 11. I arranged to meet Mum and Dad in the British Museum, as Tate Modern suddenly seemed too far away and hard to get too, especially since there was apparently something wrong with the Victoria Line.

The BM was cool as ever (I love the new central court. Sandy and the parents seemed to get on OK, and we wandered through Egyptian stuff with me trying to read hieroglyphics until we all got turfed out by a fire alarm (or more likely a bomb scare, I suppose) at 2pm.

You know, it's hard to find anything to eat near the BM when all its visitors have just been turfed out onto the street... Eventually we found a relatively cool pub that served pasta and giant salads, so I had Caesar salad, promised my anchovies to mum and then took them back when it turned out that they were fresh and not covered in oil(!)

And then we went to Tottenham court road where I managed to buy a folding keyboard for my Palm and Sandy lusted after camera equipment that was apparently a snip at 780 quid, went back to Euston, decloakroomed the luggage, and lugged it back on too hot tube trains to Chigwell. Managed to stay awake enough to catch up with Mary, who just got back from France, and then slept. Very thoroughly.

There's more to tell, but I guess I'll see many of you tonight or tomorrow, and I'd better stop clogging up this computer, so I'll stop. Hey! LJ's spellchecker thinks decloakroomed ought to be telegrammed! Weird.
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