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15th Jul, 2002

And now it's Monday, I have time to write my schedule:-

Tonight: free. Pavlos, if you want to come round you'd be very welcome...
Tuesday 16th: Flat meal, I have to cook.
Wednesday 17th: Seeing The Pornographer at 6.00 at the Filmhouse with members of Intercourse.
Thursday 18th: Seeing Scooby Doo with some workmates at Fountainpark at 6.30 (I figure if I don't try to et there I may be safe)
Friday 19th to Sunday 21st I have no idea. Paul is away in Berlin. Maybe I'll try to go somewhere nice with Sandy
Tuesday 23rd: LJ meetup in the Holyrood
Wednesday 24th BiCon meeting
Friday 26th: Velvet Chains and/or Dogma
Saturday 27th: A club in the Venue that Al MacDonald is guest DJ at. Anyone wanna come with me?