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Stop the world I wanna get back on

Am stuck at home with a stinking head cold and my head is pounding from twelve hours sleep without being able to breath properly. I refuse to put this down to a moderate two and a half pints last night, as I was in bed by 1.00. Since it appears I am in too much of a bad mood to do anything else I am about to embark on the washing up from hell. Not that that means a lot, as all washing up is from hell that consists of more than a single cereal bowl and a mug... This weekend will probably consist of Jurassic Park III, From Hell, and beer. Anyone who wants to join us, give me a shout - I promise not to sneeze on you...



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12th Jul, 2002 07:42 (UTC)
From Hell

Is that a film about washing up then?
12th Jul, 2002 08:02 (UTC)
I may, although I'm trying to avoid staring at screens and I've seen From Hell too many times (twice).
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