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Berketex bride

Well the good news is that feorag is here. The bad news is that she's getting married. I don't know what to say, I really don't...


11th Jul, 2002 08:04 (UTC)
It was about declaring our love for each other and having a party. This is not the same thing as asking our friends to "sanctify" it - which would imply that we need their blessing.
11th Jul, 2002 15:03 (UTC)
Fair point my dear. Actually I do of course distinguish between marriage where the church or state is involved and the other stuff, and I guess I am being a bit precious when I say I dont get it at all - I do get it a bit. It just *sounds* so paradoxical when a poly couple talk about having a committment ceremony! Love is certainly something to celebrate though. :)
12th Jul, 2002 08:19 (UTC)
Having had a legal marriage and felt afterwards that this was not the right thing to have done, I was certain that I did not want the same thing for me and Simon (even if he had wanted that, which he didn't). But I did want to celebrate my commitment to him and have felt closer to him since standing up in front of our friends (and other partners) and exchanging vows - exactly and specifically why I couldn't put my finger on but I'm glad I do.

We made sure that we embraced the fact that we were poly and said we would support each other's relationships with other people as part of the ceremony. The non-exclusive nature of the commitment is a vital part of what makes it work for both of us.

..I'm glad you were there - and you looked fucking gorgeous xxx
12th Jul, 2002 08:23 (UTC)
I am glad I was there too. :)