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fuck the politically minded here's something i want to say

Fuck you all, you smug bastards.

Fuck the people who think I have no will of my own, fuck the people who think I'm a victim. Fuck the ones who think that if I don't think like them I must be in denial.

Because obviously it doesn't matter how long I took to research and decide or how carefully I have been to avoid pushing my way down other people's throats. It doesn't matter that I hadn't been on a diet for fifteen years or that I had personal experience of so many of the psychological traps or that I have, in fact, achieved what I wanted to achieve, even though that isn't what I'm supposed to want. All that doesn't matter because if there is social pressure then it is impossible for anybody to ever make a rational decision again (unless it's to agree with you). I am a victim, and victims are in denial. Like all those women who like porn - you know the sort.

Well, fuck you, and all your horsies too.
Tags: food, health, rant/opinion
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