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True colours

Bugger. My LJ now looks totally shite. That's what you get for dicking around with colours when you should be working and don't have enough neurons free to devote to the problem.

If anyone has any nice darkish or purplish colour schemes they'd like to share with me I'd be delighted - otherwise this may take some time. And hey, if you want to share your favourite overides while you're at it, do. I still don't understand any of this.


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9th Jul, 2002 10:29 (UTC)
mine's dark purple- tell me if you like it and i can give you the codes to slot in. :)
10th Jul, 2002 15:50 (UTC)
Mine is darkish and purplish. How do I share it with you?

By the way, Greece is becoming less complicated, but is still quite hairy...

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