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Here are some things that I wanted to say:-

  • I am so stupid that I had been dieting for over a year before it even occurred to me that I could weigh things on the letter scales at work. As soon as I worked this out I developed a deep desire for a pretzel from Pret a Manger so I could weigh it (and eat it of course), but of course they don't have any. Bah.
  • The word of the day is analemma.
  • I want to go on holiday to Cornwall and visit the Eden project, but I don't think I'm going to be able to find anyone who wants to go on holiday with me. Why is this? And what should I do about it?
  • I slept better and feel OK today, but I still hate being at my desk.

Why is my brain so full of totally disjointed thoughts? I seem to remember a time when I could string a train of thought together...



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9th Jul, 2002 02:44 (UTC)
We went to Eden last year. Our verdict is that Eden is worth visiting, but it will be even more worth visiting next year, when the plants have had another year to grow (repeat for a few years yet...)

It's also a 'half day' thing. Once you've sweated buckets in the (very impressive) sub-tropical zone, and gone 'coo, this is much cooler' in the (less impressive) Med zone... that's it. There is some interesting stuff outside, but not enough to keep you there for a day.

So find other stuff to do there, especially things that other people want to do.
9th Jul, 2002 03:22 (UTC)
I thought analemma sounded like a porn film version of a Jane Austen novel.

;) Is ok, I know I'm probably the only person who will be amused by that. But I don't care. HA!
9th Jul, 2002 04:55 (UTC)
~g~ You're wrong there...there's at least one other person who was amused by that...

9th Jul, 2002 15:39 (UTC)
Make that two :)
9th Jul, 2002 03:49 (UTC)
right. what is that big thing in the sky?

i vowed to go to cornwall sometime this year actually, but so far have no idea if it´ll happen. i nearly ended up studying there instead of edinburgh, and i´ve still never been, so i want to check it out. what is the eden project?
9th Jul, 2002 04:08 (UTC)
The thing in the sky is the sun :-) I have ammended the links to be a bit more informative.
9th Jul, 2002 04:41 (UTC)
Edinburgh College of Art is currently offering a jointly funded PhD with the Eden project people, I think the deadline for applications may have been last week though. Sadly I couldn't swap PhD places, damn.

I'd like to go there, I love Cornwall & I'm interested in Eden because the Sensory Trust is based there.
9th Jul, 2002 10:32 (UTC)
i'd love to visit the eden project!
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