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I should be allowed to blurt the merest idea

Here are some things that I wanted to say:-

  • I am so stupid that I had been dieting for over a year before it even occurred to me that I could weigh things on the letter scales at work. As soon as I worked this out I developed a deep desire for a pretzel from Pret a Manger so I could weigh it (and eat it of course), but of course they don't have any. Bah.
  • The word of the day is analemma.
  • I want to go on holiday to Cornwall and visit the Eden project, but I don't think I'm going to be able to find anyone who wants to go on holiday with me. Why is this? And what should I do about it?
  • I slept better and feel OK today, but I still hate being at my desk.

Why is my brain so full of totally disjointed thoughts? I seem to remember a time when I could string a train of thought together...
Tags: health
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