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No it's just another Monday morning

My weekend was better than I had expected it to be by a significant margin. Instead of having sod all to do as I'd predicted at about 4pm on Friday, I ended up with some kind of social activity each day. Unfortunately this isn't making me feel as good as it perhaps should, but that may be due to an uncomfortable lack of sleep last night.

On Friday I got far too drunk too early at yet another colleagues leaving do. Wine at 4.30 is a mixed blessing as a start to the weekend, and with the staff turnover we suffer from here I can be expected to develop a serious alcohol problem. However I managed to arrange to meet cairmen and ciphergoth for dinner in spite of that, and went on to eat some seriously good sushi and tempura. There was some dispute over who should eat the octopus, but fortunately ciphergoth is a wuss who can't use chopstick, so we could use his knife and fork to divide it fairly.

Saturday was goth night at the Jekyll and Hyde, which was pretty even though I was unaccountably exhausted. I went home before everyone went on to the Mish, but I'd say the decor and DJing were good and the company excellent, even though I find it hard listening to dancing music when there's no room to dance.

And yesterday I went to see Minority Report with ciphergoth, gingiber, sibelian and a bunch of non-LJ-using freaks. It's a fantastic film, but I swear that I will never go to the UGC ever again ever. I'll probably rant some more about that later, but even without the unplanned faffing about and the totally inedible burger, I loath the size and expense of it and the way it's designed to throughput as many units as inhumanly possibly - all very degrading.

Am currently drinking coffee out of the only mug in the kitchen that I'd want to steal. I'm pretty sure that it once belonged to someone who's left - well it's a pretty safe bet since it's been here as long as I have and only ten of my colleagues have been around that long. However it may be tactless to send round an all staff mail asking if I can steal this mug.

Otherwise work is work. I am finding it impossible to sustain any enthusiasm for it, but I expect I can crawl through the hours until I'm allowed to go back to bed again.
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