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Even an astronaut goes into the ground

Am feeling somewhat bored and disillusioned with LJ, possibly because I am somewhat bored and disillusioned with life (which isn't the same as "if you're tired of LJ you are tired of life", which would be sad).

I have done some useful things in the last couple of days, including posting Ian a big pile of BiCon forms and other bits and bobs, but I am feeling a distinct lack of a social life. Does anyone know of anything cool happening this weekend? Or next weekend, even, I'm not fussy.

Still, I get to eat steak and fancy mushrooms tonight, which has to be good (unless I am poisoned by the mushrooms).



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4th Jul, 2002 16:12 (UTC)
There is the Siouxsie gig at the Barrowlands & then the goth DJing thingee at the Jekyll & Hyde pub on Saturday, which I may go to, depending on whether I want to watch the 3rd part of Pride and Prejudice
5th Jul, 2002 07:08 (UTC)
Sorry - failed to phone you yesterday (ill and crap). How are you for going to eat Japanese stuff at some point next week?
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