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And it's been so long

People I need to catch up with soon:-

  • avarita to learn about selling stuff on Ebay and natter
  • Finn, 'cos I want to get her to alter some of my too-big clothes
  • gothtart to feed her, gossip, share flavoured vodka tips and maybe even some ideas about job hunting.
  • cairmen to go to that strange restaurant on Lothian Road
  • hfnuala to run through some BiCon stuff
  • Neal, so I can give him my old leather (which I totally failed to do last night).
  • akicif when he's next in town, 'cos it's been too long and we should go clubbing at some point

At least I am about to go to Ikea with Kaela, which is one item off the list...

Of course if you're not here it doesn't mean I don't want to see you, but I'm just struck by how many things involving meeting people I've been vaguely meaning to get around to.



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30th Jun, 2002 14:01 (UTC)
Mood: why isnt "organised" an option

LOL... me votes for that to be added too.
1st Jul, 2002 03:16 (UTC)
I can do Wednesday or Thursday evening - do they suit?
1st Jul, 2002 14:25 (UTC)
Thursday is better than Wednesday, 'cos Paul's going to the Holyrood Wednesday and Sandy has to take photies to someone. Would 7 or 8ish on Thursday be OK?
2nd Jul, 2002 08:33 (UTC)
Yup, that'll be fine - 8 will give me a chance to go home and get food first, so I'll turn up around about then, if that suits.
1st Jul, 2002 08:27 (UTC)
I'm free tomorrow or Friday evening...

1st Jul, 2002 14:25 (UTC)
Friday sounds doable...
2nd Jul, 2002 03:38 (UTC)
Cool - let's do that.
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