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Bye-bye desk, bye-bye phone, bye-bye 'puter...

Only 35 minutes to go before I'm on holiday! Hurrah! Just enough time to post a last LJ post and clean my cache (purely as a matter of principle, you understand). I have actually sorted out my work to the extent that Heather can take care of things in my absence, and it looks as if we'll be taking on a placement by the time I get back (If Alex can find a computer and enough software licenses for her), so my life here should be considerably easier than it was last year come September.

But enough of work. Begone dull care! Tonight I pack and then go and catch the sleeper for London, so now I have to find enough not-too-hot clothes to wear in London and try and pack a bag that I can face heaving around on the tube - no mean feat. I will arrive at an ungodly hour of the morning, cloakroom the bag, and go and meet my mum at the Tate Modern, which sounds fun. Sandy has expressed himself willing (and indeed 'interested') to meet my parents, so that will be jolly.

On Friday we will be at the poly meal and on Saturday at Trish and Simon's commitment thingy, naturally. Apart from that I'm free, and intend to do a few museums and laze around a lot. I shall be looking at LJ when I can, but I don't know how often that will be yet.

And today I got a very cute ceramic gecko to go on my wall from the craft fair next to my office - for a fiver, which seemed very reasonable. Things are suddenly looking up.
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