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Google me baby...

  • Alison is a mystic in the great tradition of Sufism [Er, no...]
  • [Alison is] a true ground breaker [Could be]
  • The Alabama Legislative Information System Online (ALISON) is designed
    to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher [Wacky!]
  • Alison is discovered by the paparazzi! [I do so hope not.]
  • Alison is five-foot-six-inches.[More like five nothing in my socks.]
  • Alison is a highly experienced independent trainer and consultant,
    specializing in Windows applications training and development. [Heaven forfend!]
  • Alison is actively looking for new restaurant spaces,
    and she hopes to reopen within the next year. [Too surreal.]
  • Alison is available to offer advice on
    her areas of expertise when requested. [Ho yuss!]
  • Ask Alison is her advice column, published monthly [...but not like that]
  • Alison is passionate about teaching people
    to live more fulfilled, balanced lives. [In a way, yes, in a way...]
Tags: meme/survey
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