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Flying home at last

Have sorted out flights to (and more importantly from) BiCon! Go me! and Rar! Sorry about the confuzzled mopiness of my earlier post. I found that if I book singles going down with BMI and back with Go it all works out. I would be more apologetic for being stupid, but plane (and train) websites are not exactly informative - whatever happened to the simple timetables of yore?

And I promise to never ever quote Chris deBurgh again - it brings bad luck...

5.15pm Oh, and I've now actually booked my annual leave for BiCon, so I can guarantee to be actually going...



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25th Jun, 2002 09:04 (UTC)
Does this help? flights

25th Jun, 2002 11:07 (UTC)
*me has vision of bicon which the organising team don't turn up for*

I don't know whether that would be a wonderful improvised weekend or an unmitigated disaster... probably not worth risking as an experiment though!
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