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Aargh! Looks like I can't fly back from East Midlands airport after biCon, because it will be Sunday, and *nobody* wants to fly from East Midlands on Sunday, do they? Go only run one flight, which leaves at 10 to seven, which with travel to airport and check in times would mean leaving BiCon at 5.30 at the latest, which ain't gonna happen. And BMI are even worse. So, can I stand to spend an extra day in Leicester, getting more and more depressed as everyone has gone and all I want is to go home (been there, done that, no fun), or do I investigate the horrors of Virgin rail again?

UPDATE: It looks as if it's also impossible to get out of Leicester by train unless we catch the 5:05. Does anyone else understand my horror of being there a day later than everyone else. I'm really a bit worried about this now, because the comedown can be horrible.

UPDATE ON UPDATE: All is now sorted, see my latest post. Phew.



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25th Jun, 2002 04:10 (UTC)
Can you come over to Coventry for the day? There are direct trains from Cov to E'burgh (although I don't vouch for Sundays...). And Virgin are running a special deal on tickets at the moment.
25th Jun, 2002 05:39 (UTC)
Just re-read your post! What I meant was, come over for the Sunday night, I'm sure someone can provide crash space (I possibly could, for one, but I'm not sure if I'll be around for that week/weekend). And then go back on the Monday...
25th Jun, 2002 07:19 (UTC)
Trains from Leicester to Coventry aren't that frequent on a Sunday though.
I recommend going from Leicester to Nuneaton, there are about 4 trains every hour & the journey is only about 20 min iirc. Also there is a direct service from Nuneaton to Edinburgh, so providing you timed it well you could do that.
25th Jun, 2002 04:54 (UTC)
Oh, I understand the horror alright.

My first Bicon was Nottingham and through a mix up myself and Louise were there a day longer than the con was. And we were staying in the 'crash space' (which still existed then) but it wasn't around that day.

Luckily one of the Nottingham people took pity on us and let us stay with them.
25th Jun, 2002 05:01 (UTC)
Yeah. Just blag a lift from someone who's going near a mainline station.
25th Jun, 2002 05:20 (UTC)
Yes, I understand the problem. I'd get a car and travel back, especially if you can convince one more person to do that with you.

25th Jun, 2002 05:47 (UTC)
Re: Car
I'm happy to share the cost of a car. However, I can't drive, so I can't help with the driving, which might put a dampner on the plan.
25th Jun, 2002 05:39 (UTC)
Can you get a coach home?
Or get to a more lively town on Sunday night, or to somewhere where you could stay with friends?
25th Jun, 2002 07:57 (UTC)
Peterborough is about an hour away - how's GNER's East coast mainline that day?

Peterborough Edinburgh 18.08.02 dep 18:54 arr 22:59

Peterborough Edinburgh 18.08.02 dep 19:29 arr 23:31

Luton, for EasyJet, is also an hour away.
25th Jun, 2002 08:02 (UTC)
A quick check of the website reveals that

Sunday 18 August, flight 47
departs London Luton at 20:45, arrives Edinburgh at 22:00
web fare 15.40 GBP (phone fare 17.90 GBP)

Sunday 18 August, flight 39
departs London Luton at 22:35, arrives Edinburgh at 23:45
web fare 5.40 GBP (phone fare 7.90 GBP)

Ghod, even given that it excludes taxes, the latter's cheap - it works out at £17.50. And getting a lift to Luton (on the M1 to London) should be no problem.
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