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Apart from the yellow socks. The only yellow socks I have ever owned (at least since I was about six) were ritually sacrificed in order to ensure me a yellow sock free future; a ritual which has proved remarkably successful so far...

Anyway, socks aside, am happy today because I got really quite drunk last night and managed to have some jolly nice sex. Also my hair is cool. And I'm having fun reading the journals of god_dot_com and satan_dot_com - am glad I'm an atheist, wouldn't trust those two to manage a doughnut stand, never mind a cosmos that I have to live in.

And memevector likes the BiCon venue and has done a nice write-up of it that fills me with renewed enthusiasm, so it ought to do the same for other people. If you haven't already booked for BiCon, jolly well read it and book.

And I'm wearing my crisp new cotton skirt and a kind of lizard skin pattern top that got in Stirling for £3 each, which makes me feel very efficient even when work is in chaos (as it is, of course)

All these cheerful things are needed, because today I have been mostly answering the phone every 30 seconds and faxing people info that they've had before and stupidly lost. Eejits. Oh well, lunch soon.



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24th Jun, 2002 04:29 (UTC)
I sent in Bicon bookings for myself and Simon quite a while back and haven't heard back. Should I worry?
24th Jun, 2002 04:41 (UTC)
No, we haven't sent the confirmation letters yet; we worked on them this weekend and they should go out soon. As part of this great effort, you can admire the directions to the venue wot I adapted from some directions to a different venue provided by the University. These directions will also appear in the confirmation letters.
24th Jun, 2002 05:16 (UTC)
Comment on directions
Generally, Jakob would be proud. The only thing I wondered, is is there a huge "College Hall" sign right outside the entrance? If not, the car instructions probably need a sentence on "how to recognise it when you're there".
24th Jun, 2002 05:28 (UTC)
Re: Comment on directions
All Hail Jakob! Except For The Bit About Flash MX.

I had meant those to be links to this:

but then I realised that this was the pedestrian entrance, which doesn't help much. I can't remember what the vehicle entrance looks like - it's just a little distance east of the the pedestrian entrance.

I'll try and get my venue map online so people can see what I'm talking about...
24th Jun, 2002 05:58 (UTC)
Re: Comment on directions
This site plan makes it a bit clearer what I'm talking about.

Site plan

Compare to the Multimap map and hopefully it'll make more sense.
24th Jun, 2002 04:29 (UTC)
I've printed out my form and just need to write the check. Shall I bring it over to Mir or Saturday or would you rather get it through the post in the usual way?
24th Jun, 2002 05:06 (UTC)
You may as well bring it Saturday, given that it otherwise has to go via London...
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