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Comment whore post

Watched Dark City last night, which was absolutely fab but spectacularly failed the Dykes To Watch Out For movie test. Have been wondering how many recent films pass it, and whether many of us have favourites which fail. I know Attack of the Clones passes, and all the Jurassic park films fail as far as I can recall, but do people have some other examples? And are arty movies worse offenders than blockbusters,or not (Warm Water Under a Red Bridge passes, but a lot of my other favourites don't).

The test is that the film must have
(1) at least two women characters
(2) who talk to each other in the course of the movie
(3) about something other than men.


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23rd Jun, 2002 07:27 (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
24th Jun, 2002 03:42 (UTC)
No way does Cruel Intentions pass the spirit of this test. All the women only ever interact in the context of men[1] - even if they appear to be talking about something else, it's all really about men and controlling them.

[1] Which was one of the points of the source of the story, so it doesn't make it bad - just not a DTWOF winner. The movie is bad because of the dialog and acting.
24th Jun, 2002 03:39 (UTC)
My favourite film of all time fails it - The Third Man. I do mentally go through this check everytime I watch a film - the last one that passed it was Princess Mononok, I think.
24th Jun, 2002 04:38 (UTC)
Sin noticias de Dios / No news from God
Very nice film. Angel Lola (Victoria Abril) is sent by her boss in heaven (Fanny Ardant) to secure the soul of tormented failed boxer Manny :-). Demon Carmen (Penelope Cruz) is sent after her to do the opposite. Her current hell-boss is a man, but his aspiring replacement is an MI5-boss-lookalike. I think it would pass your test.

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