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You can be active with the activists or sleeping with the sleepers

Well I celebrated the shortest night by sleeping for twelve hours. I didn't have my curtains closed, so I must have really needed to be asleep. My sleep was full of people needing me to tell them what to do, but at least they were grateful for it, especially when I pointed out to Paul that you can't fight a house full of triads with only one gun while in a wheelchair - so I explained to them that we didn't really owe them thousands of pounds for hallucinogenic strawberries and they let us go. Honest.

Got two more BiCon bookings today and one yesterday, making 81. I intend to get some confirmation letters out today, now that we've heard from the venue about access to keys etc. And I must also book some disco equipment. Things are coming along, and Paul has added a link to the rules of croquet to the Web pages so everyone can learn how to play before they arrive... Volunteers to supervise a croquet tournament are more than welcome.

So now I must go wash clothes and tidy my room etc. I have too many essentially similar pairs of shoes and no room for an Ikea shoe rack - what to do?
Tags: bicon, bizarro, update
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