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Came in from a rainy Thursday

Last night I had the first good sleep of the week. This may be because Pavlos fed me a lovely high carbohydrate meal, or because he was patient enough to listen to all my troubles, or because I was good and had no caffeine, or because I worked out that I could avoid being too hot by opening my window a crack... In any case, I am pleased. I also remembered I like tuna steaks, and that I must one day go to Barcelona.

Perkigoth radio is dead :-( I am listening to one of their related streams, but it looks like that may go soon as well. I'd better bring in a lot of CDs on Monday... Copyright is killing my work entertainment, and I am not best pleased. Bah!

So, is this track one of Graeme's club classics, or what? I think it's the first time I've heard it...