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Set me free

I just turned down an actual icecream. My oh so helpful hippy boss went and bought us all Soleros and I was good and turned it down. Of course, I was influenced by the fact that she said "you can forget your calorie count for today" which really fucking winds me up. It's *my* decision what I eat and when and I can't stand all these "oh go on treat yourself" backhanders.

Can you tell that I'm in a bad mood yet?

So, I'm slowly demolishing piles of work and some demon comes and puts it all back in the middle of the night and I start again - it's like some kind of hellish punishment, but without the liver, which is probably a good thing.

Tomorrow I go to Stirling in the morning and then run back here as soon as I can because there's so much to do. Not that Stirling's a thrilling place that I'll miss hanging around in as such, but I hate being rushed.

I've been dieting for a year now, which means I've also been a year without eating a burger. I have no desire to eat a burger ever again, but what should I do to celebrate lasting a year?
Tags: food, health, rant/opinion
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