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The weekend was lazy and red

The weekend was very annoying, as I had a cold:-( In August! This is Not Fair. Of course, now I'm back at work I feel a lot better, oh yes. Bah!

In spite of this however a few good things happened - such as; Finally watching The Sixth Sense, which was jolly good even though I knew the twist (if you don't know and haven't seen it, do try to avoid finding out until you watch it). Doing a dinky little BiCon logo which I like, finding out I had more money than I thought so I can afford to spend some in London, watching the Mummy, which was cheesy but fun, making meringue and eating it, getting a hair cut and then dying it properly red.

I know I've changed my look enough because everyone at work noticed - even the least observant. This hopefully means that no-one can accuse me of looking too normal at BiCon. The shade is number 6.66, so I won't forget which one it is. This being so I feel it should be called 'Whore of Babylon Scarlet' rather than 'Grenadine', but there you go...

And I'll be traveling to London overnight on Wednesday. More details when I've worked them out.



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13th Aug, 2001 04:40 (UTC)
Ooooh, sounds like groovy hair. Will look forward to seeing it. And I love the logo.

Re: Whore of Babylon, have you seen episode one (and the creature guide) of this
13th Aug, 2001 14:58 (UTC)
you're invited....
seeing as you're one of the few folks on LJ to list "non-monogamy" as an interest, I wanted to invite you to the new community for <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/~ethical_sluts>Ethical_sluts</a href>. I promise I won't solicit you again. Unless you want me to, that is. Thanks, ray.
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