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OK, so some things have improved, which I shall dutifully catalogue here for future reference. (By the way, if you find you can see this but can't see my more angsty posts, it may be that you're not on my friends list. Ask me, if by any chance you actually want to see my more angsty posts)

Anyway. I have curtains. I closed them last night and it went dark, and I opened them this morning after a lovely night's sleep and the sun came in. I like. Also, this is good in two ways, as it means that not only do I have curtains, I have wonderful lovers who will put up my curtains while I'm at work having a shitty day and when I come home they will be done. Rar!

And the chaos has been beaten back a bit at work. I can at least see my desk, and I have turned a pile of crap into a to-do list which I can at least understand. Also I managed to avoid being given a really crap desk that's not as good as my current desk, unlike my colleagues...

I ate steak last night, with the wine left over from Mary's visit, and it was good. Have I mentioned how good it is getting shopping delivered? It rocks. Also Mary gave me and Paul velvet scarves, which shows great style and taste... Mine is black and silver with a few beads on.

I sat round in my room last night and drank a small beer with Jon and chatted and admired the curtains with no angst whatsoever. It was very pleasant. Ghod, I wish I was there rather than rushed off my feet...



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12th Jun, 2002 03:28 (UTC)
Jon did nearly all the work on the curtains; I helped where I could, but the really difficult and time-consuming part of making appropriate holes in the wall was down to him.

Googled for the lyrics; it seems to say it's a Ministry song I don't know, but it doesn't read like Ministry lyrics...
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