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I won't lie in this poor shallow grave

Both the Internet and Jon have returned, so I can rest easy. Which is good because I have to conduct six interviews tomorrow. Good way to start back at work after being off sick. Not.

I got a new hall mirror today, and a silk Chinese style top made in Vietnam. It's very bright for me, being fuchsia with silvery embroidery, but I like it. I'll wear it when I go out for dinner with Mary tomorrow, I think.

And Jon has promised to help me get the damn curtain rail up, which would be a good thing.

Schedule: for what's it's worth...

Tomorrow, interviews all day, dinner with Paul's mum in the evening. Rar!
Tuesday: Free. Hopefully doing BiCon stuff and curtains etc.
Wednesday: out with Jon
Thursday: Last Angel with Alex
Friday: It's the last Pillbox, so Alex may try to make me go clubbing. Don't know if I'm going to be up for it, though.
Saturday: Vain, with corset even though it's in Teviot, 'cos Vanity requires it.