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it's a small world and it smells bad

Arrrgh! Broadband Internet has gone away so here I am dialed out on an old-fashioned modem. Bah! I can't be arsed waiting in a phone queue to find that Telewest don't know when it will be back either. Not when there's all that lovely... rain... to go out in. Well, it's that or play solitaire.

In other news, flatmate Jon managed to lock himself out last night and I have no idea where he is. This is why people should have mobiles - or at least carry my mobile number about their person. The only thing we've had from him is a very distressed message left on the ansafone at five to two in the morning, at which point me and Paul were just leaving FAvorit, so if he'd phoned either of our mobiles we could have sorted it out. BAH!

Also curtain rail is refusing to attach to the wall, and other inanimate objects are refusing to behave in a proper fashion. Am annoyed. Grrr.
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