Purple Rabbits (purplerabbits) wrote,
Purple Rabbits

Sitting here now in this bar for hours

Well, Velvet Chains happened, and people turned up, all but one in dress code and many looking very pretty, and people played, and the music was pretty good apart from the short but totally inappropriate cheesy eighties bit, and people behaved themselves, especially after I'd had a good glare at a certain badly done drag queen who seemed to think that putting on a wig means you have to be bitchy (I know it's not an uncommon view, but I really loathe it).

It was good to see avarita and cairmen, and a number of other LJ types that I'm too crap to remember. I was feeling pretty unperky, so I got a bit restless towards the end and I'm not the best person to ask about what it was like, but I'll probably go back if I feel more up to it next time... (and I did manage to get my corset closed, which felt good even though I decided to loosen it later)

Meanwhile, I'm managing to do some BiCon stuff, and going out to buy curtain hooks and other dull-but-useful stuff. Tonight will be a quiet night in, because many of my friends will be at a bloody wedding, and I don't do weddings. So many useful things may get done which I will feel good about when I am in a better state for feeling good. At least I hope so - it's a strategy that's worked for me in the past. Moop.
Tags: partying, update
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