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Oh we're so pretty Oh so pretty

Look! I gotta new icon! I think she looks quite like me, really... (she's Evil Vampire Willow, from this highly non-work-safe cartoon, in case you don't recognise her)

Today's great achievement - finally got around to updating my webpages. They now include a mini gallery of pictures of me, among other sparkling new content, and more importantly don't contain any very old and innacurate content... Oh, and I did Southpark versions of me and my flatmates...
Paul, Sandy, Jon and Alison

We also succeeded in buying some stopgap curtains for £14, but even though we now have the rail and the curtains, we managed not to get the bit that goes in between - hooks. That's a thing for tomorrow.

Now I'm going to eat pasta and get ready for Velvet Chains
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