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As life maps out onto my brow

First of all I must remember to thank djm4 for my lovely present - thank you! I love getting unbirthday presents, it's like presents without the birthday (and I'm bad at birthdays...)

I didn't come into work yesterday, but I did get to sleep shortly after my last post and managed to get some useful things done the next day. Thanks to ciphergoth for helping me tidy up and letting me have his storage solutions. My desk is now a miracle of efficient tidiness - even down to the cables which he untangled. My enthusiasm for BiCon is returning and I got quite a few things done for it. Also the sunny weather is helping me envisage how good it will be with the picnics and croquet and all... (and thanks to memevector for the timely praise, I really needed a boost and it helped a lot).

I've spent all morning shortlisting candidates for my assistant. It wasn't any fun and now I have a headache :-( I want my lunch. I guess my new found energy doesn't quite extend to my paying work yet. Ho hum.
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