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Well I'm heavenly blessed and worldly wise

Well I didn't make it to Ascension, but that's probably a good thing 'cos I got 12 solid hours sleep instead. And today I got my hair done and it's a wonderful shade of (i.e. very) red, and then me and Sandy went round the Meadows Fair in the pissing rain and I got a couple of CDs - Test Department's Totality, and Floodland. Since Floodland is one of my number one favourite albums ever its a good thing to finally get on CD. This copy came in a case belonging to Vision Thing, and was therefore cheaper. If I can just get someone to rip me a copy of Vision Thing now I'd be sorted...

This weekend I also bought www.purplerabbits.org and www.purplerabbits.com, which currently just forward to my homepage. This means I should really get on with updating my homepages, which has needed doing for a long time.

Oh, and I came across this totally cool rant while randomly poking round LJ just now, and put it straight into my memories. It sums up a lot of the crap I've been getting undermined by lately.
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