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It's Friday, so here are some:-
Things that don't suck

  • iTunes has a huge list of web radio stations, so I am now listening to Perkigoth radio. This has upgraded my mood from utter shit to ready for the weekend in one easy step. Rar!
  • It's sunny. Rar!
  • They're playing Nellie the Elephant now!
  • Caffeine free diet coke still doesn't suck.
  • Ten minutes to go!
  • I got glitter hairspray and silver lipstick
  • I *will* go clubbing tonight...



24th Mar, 2008 16:03 (UTC)
not sure if you still listen. You were probably listening to my husbands station, which went off line. but mine is still going


A little more eclectic than my husbands, but similar. (Like his would never had played old-old-old school circa 1918 war time music.)

I pimp it has Eclectic internet radio with goth, industrial, and alternative leanings.

I also have a community for it at wftb_radio