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It's Friday, so here are some:-
Things that don't suck

  • iTunes has a huge list of web radio stations, so I am now listening to Perkigoth radio. This has upgraded my mood from utter shit to ready for the weekend in one easy step. Rar!
  • It's sunny. Rar!
  • They're playing Nellie the Elephant now!
  • Caffeine free diet coke still doesn't suck.
  • Ten minutes to go!
  • I got glitter hairspray and silver lipstick
  • I *will* go clubbing tonight...



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31st May, 2002 08:54 (UTC)
Caffeine free DC is amazingly OK, isn't it? I remember being well impressed the first time I tried it.
31st May, 2002 11:19 (UTC)
In case you'd like another bonus "thing that doesn't suck"... I was singing your praises at length the other day to one of my housemates. I was giving them an overview of some of this recent BiCon discussion, and got onto the topic of the BiCon guidelines, and from there to your role in managing their creation. (I still remember your look of surprise at the plenary that there wasn't going to be an argument :-) ) But my praises extended beyond that to a general appreciation of your whole oeuvre as an organiser. Just thought you might like to know the nice things being said behind your back :-)
2nd Jun, 2002 02:50 (UTC)
Cool! Recent events have led to me to assume that only hasty things are said behind my back, so it's very heartening to hear this... Now, I must really get around to actually *doing& some BiCon work rather than sitting around being upset at what's been said.
31st May, 2002 17:46 (UTC)
I take it...
... you have found a local provider of the Diet Caffiene Free??

Glad its working well for ya...

24th Mar, 2008 16:03 (UTC)
not sure if you still listen. You were probably listening to my husbands station, which went off line. but mine is still going


A little more eclectic than my husbands, but similar. (Like his would never had played old-old-old school circa 1918 war time music.)

I pimp it has Eclectic internet radio with goth, industrial, and alternative leanings.

I also have a community for it at wftb_radio
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