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Hang my head and shut my eyes

Well, I don't put much faith in the Burns Depression Checklist as a quantitative measure, but if it's gone up from 6 to 16 in the last two weeks that's bad, isn't it? Damn. I can see where a lot of it's coming from, but I still don't quite know what to do about it. I fear that I should spend a lot of this weekend getting on top of some of the crap in my life rather than partying till I drop. But I wanna! Bwar!

Some relatively good things to dwell on. Caffeine free diet coke isn't so bad, and I've been succeeding in cutting out caffeine after lunch and sleeping OK all week. I'm also getting my hair dyed on Sunday, so that'll take care of the feelings of unattractiveness for a bit (so I'm shallow, I don't like being able to see grey hairs). OK, so I just ate a pastry in the shape of a shell stuffed full of patisserie cream from Valvonna and Crolla, but I challenge anyone to trun one down if it's actually handed to them - I guess I'd better go for a walk and scrimp on lunch...

Work now. Honest.


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31st May, 2002 05:53 (UTC)
Hi there,

I see you've added me to your friends list. I was going to ask which Alison you were, but now I've seen your picture I've figured that out.

Fairly sure your hair was black last time I saw you - the red looks good now.
I've been going grey since I was sixteen, but progress is relatively slow. I just tell people that you could pay a fortune to get highlights put in at the hairdressers, whereas mine are all natural... :-)
31st May, 2002 08:23 (UTC)
*shudder* I'd win that challenge easily, but that's purely because I actively dislike patisserie cream :-)
31st May, 2002 10:36 (UTC)

Since I got signed off work for 2 weeks due to depression, I'm inclined to believe it has its good points (particularly since the drugs started working). Caffeine avoidance is always a good idea, though. Oh, and no need to stress overly about the eating habits - since dropping the abusive ex a year ago and upgrading to our mutual friend Pete I've been eating exactly what I like and still dropped 3 sizes - happiness can be a wonderful thing. Here's hoping lots more of it is heading your way soon.
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