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Stoopid Question

Does anyone know how hard it is to get from East Midlands airport to Leicester? I'm assuming coach cos there's no visible trains...


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30th May, 2002 01:29 (UTC)
Check out http://www.eastmidlandsairport.com/site/directions/bybus/. The 123 services seems to be the only one that looks likely, and that goes round the houses.

I also looked at http://www.gobycoach.com/misc/products.cfm?Name=Flightlink but I don't believe there are any from Leicester. I was looking at coaches to EMA from Coventry when we flew up to Edinburgh, but the last coach of the day leaves at 2pm and our flight would have got in at 3pm. I don't think they view coach travellers as a priority...
30th May, 2002 01:33 (UTC)
There's a airbus shuttle thing to Long Eaton or Loughborough train stations where I believe you can get a direct train that takes about half an hour. Alternatively you can get a direct bus to Nottingham city centre and get the train from there, which only takes about half an hour as well, but the bus journey to Nottingham is longer.

Have a look at http://www.eastmidlandsairport.com/site/directions/ if you haven't already.

You can tell I have work I don't want to do, can't you?

31st May, 2002 00:26 (UTC)
I am sure there are faster trains between Lougabaruga and Leicester, from memory about 20 min.
I would reccomend a bus or taxi to Loughborough station and a direct train to Leicester.

Just my 2p worth, being as I have lived in both places
30th May, 2002 04:51 (UTC)
Stoopid answer
You could try sitting on a quiet part of the platform and hear the trains as they pull up.

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