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Next Entry

I just realised that my last entry was dated 31st August - I must have fucked up when I reset my iMac which the removal men at work just unplugged from the wall. Anyway, I've fixed it now, though I don't know how it will appear on people's friends pages. I wish Live Journal could back-date things properly.

Meanwhile it looks as if next Saturday is going to be just as crap as last Saturday, with ciphergoth in Berlin and Sandy somewhere in the wilds of England. Note to self: I really must get a life.

At the moment I am busy throwing away clothes that are too small for me. This may seem like a crazy thing to do when I'm losing weight, but these are clothes that are either worn out or that I don't like very much - and I don't want to feel obliged to wear them later solely on the grounds that they fit. I am not however throwing away the lovely red blouse that I just managed to get into for the first time in months. No, I am going to wear it as a badge of courage - or possibly just as a blouse (only not just now cos it doesn't go with the orange skirt I've got on...