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Moving out into the sun

A nice non-contentious survey from duranorak

Four CDs in your collection that you never get tired of:
Patti Smith: Horses
David Bowie: The best of 1969/1974
James: Millionaires
Japan: Oil on Canvas

Four movies that made you think:
The Pillow Book
Lola Rennt
Starship Troopers

Four celebrities you would have sex with:
(assuming they didn't turn out to be horrible people)
Seth Green
Jason Spaceman
Andreas Katsulas
Patti Smith

Four vacations you have taken:
Berlin BiCon
Camping round the West Country
Cottage in Yorkshire

Four songs that often get stuck in your head:
Ruby Red

Four things you'd like to learn:
How to sing in tune
A lot more about early civilizations
How to paint

Four beverages you drink frequently:
Diet Coke
Tall skinny latte with vanilla
Expensive lager
Gin and diet tonic

Four TV shows you liked when you were a kid:
(at various ages)
Blakes Seven
Doctor Who
Keep it in the Family

Four places to go in your city: (Edinburgh)
The Zoo
The Meadows in summer
The Holyrood Tavern
Calton Hill

Four things to do when you're bored:
Fantasise about winning the lottery
Read LJ
Watch crap TV
Complain about being bored

Four things that never fail to cheer you up:
Reading something light and unrelated to the uncheerfulness
My Bootstraps tape