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But if I've left something out I apologise

I'm too busy for LJ right now, and in any case the mood here is just dragging me down without helping any. I need to rethink some of my commitments, and somehow find time to recover while still expressing myself. This is tricky since I always seem to be either furious or too tired to bother with rows. Any time to have rational discussions that it might be possible to actually act on just dissolves...

My current instinct is to keep my head down and just be a put upon administrator, at work and outside. I wouldn't enjoy it, but maybe it wouldn't make me cry, either. Then as soon as I can I get out and never never come back (well that bit's kind of harder with work). At least I've managed to conclude my business with *one* of the clueless naive idiots I had to deal with this week...



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28th May, 2002 04:08 (UTC)
Oh dear. You know, if phoning for a chat would help go right ahead....outside work hours or between 1 and 2 is best.
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