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21st Century Digital Toy

Yes, I know that's a misquote, but I got my new iMac! Rar! It's white and cool and a lot bigger than they look in the ads. And the flat screen is a dream. Oh, and the current music comes free with iTunes, so there - I will now proceed to turn all my CDs into MP3s.

Went to Glasgow today, met Paul and managed to avoid spending money in Cyber. Also got videos back OK and handed them to Alex, so that's the day's missions accomplished. I should now do some work, I suppose. Or I could get to know my new machine more, which is kind of like work.

Oh, and for Pavlos, Sex and Lucia is on at 6.00 or 8.50 pm on Wednesday. Since it's 128 minutes the later one would keep me up a bit past my bedtime, but I can do either.
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