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For all those who want to analyze me

Here are the answers to my own survey...

  1. What's your favourite monosyllable? Bim!
  2. What's your favourite number? 27
  3. What's your favourite composite number? See above, I think I'm unusual in having a favourite number that's not prime. I'm also quite fond of 36...
  4. What's your favourite preposition? I overuse 'in' a lot these days. I caught myself saying that we had two events in Wednesday the other day, which is slightly worrying.
  5. Did you understand the last two questions without looking? Well, yeah.
  6. Do you or have you ever tried to keep white clothes whiter than white? I do own about three white things, so I'd like to be able to, but I don't know how when everything else in the wash is red or black.
  7. How? Unsuccessfully.
  8. Do you melt in sunlight? Not as badly as some goths, but I seek shade wherever I can.
  9. What is life too short for? 300 questions surveys and ironing, but not stuffing a mushroom, which is easy.
  10. What's the most depressing line of a poem or lyric ever?
    I had a dream once or so I thought
    I'd be a pilot or an astronaut
    I had a dream like that until I found
    Even an astronaut goes into the ground

    Courtesy of Smiling Elvis Costello, of course...

  11. What would be a good title for a book? A box of solutions
  12. What kind of book would it be? A childrens book with some kind of wish granting chemistry set, but I haven't worked out how the plot goes yet...
  13. Are these questions random enough for you? Not really, but I was a bit stuck for ideas.
  14. How frequently should one take clubbing drugs like E or speed? Probably slightly less often than I take them...
  15. Why are so many LJ surveys so long? Probably because thirteen year olds have a lot of time to kill
  16. Have you ever had to tell someone that they never have anything interesting to say? There's a couple of people I'd like to, but I don't have a good way to do it, so I just look as uninterested as possible until they go away.
  17. Is there a good way to do this? See above.
  18. What attracted you to apply for this post? I needed the money.
  19. Should Alison get back to work now? Actually, I was just going to cave in and have an early lunch...
Tags: meme/survey
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