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Here is a no-brain survey for the terminally bored, which for once has been designed by a 35 year old instead of a 13 year old. It is not guaranteed to be more mature for this reason, however it may at least have fewer than 2000 questions...

  1. What's your favourite monosyllable?
  2. What's your favourite number?
  3. What's your favourite composite number?
  4. What's your favourite preposition?
  5. Did you understand the last two questions without looking?
  6. Do you or have you ever tried to keep white clothes whiter than white?
  7. How?
  8. Do you melt in sunlight?
  9. What is life too short for?
  10. What's the most depressing line of a poem or lyric ever?
  11. What would be a good title for a book?
  12. What kind of book would it be?
  13. Are these questions random enough for you?
  14. How frequently should one take clubbing drugs like E or speed?
  15. Why are so many LJ surveys so long?
  16. Have you ever had to tell someone that they never have anything interesting to say?
  17. Is there a good way to do this?
  18. What attracted you to apply for this post?
  19. Should Alison get back to work now?


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14th May, 2002 03:35 (UTC)
1. "Ah."
2. 7.
3. 21.
4. "in"
5. Yes. Though I did look to check on composite numbers.
6. White? Me?
7. By being given them as presents by mad aunts and never unpacking them and keeping them in drawers. Of course.
8. No, but I get very irritated very quickly.
9. 12" mixes.
10. "Dreaming of Mercy Street...swear they moved that sign, dreaming of mercy, in your Daddy's arms again..." -'Mercy Street', Peter Gabriel. (There are many others I could have used though.)
11. 'Past, Future, In Extreme: The Story Of The New Romantics'.
12. ...I don't really need to answer that. ~g~
13. Not quite, no.
14. I can't answer that, never having tried them.
15. Because there are people like me who love doing really long surveys.
16. No. *No*. I wouldn't be listening to them if they didn't.
17. Define "good" - for whom? I would say probably not.
18. It's a survey. And I like your sense of humour. ~s~
19. Probably, but it's a shame she didn't have time to write any more, because I've now got an hour to kill. ~g~


14th May, 2002 05:19 (UTC)
1. Ummm.
2. 6, I think
3. I don't have one
4. on
5. I had to look up the number one.
6. I'm afraid I avoid housework if at all possible.
7. So the SO has to do it. Which drives him insane.
8. I burn so I avoid it.
9. Housework.
Is an art, like everything else,
I do it exceptionally well.

I do it so it feels like hell.
I do it so it feels real.
I guess you could say I've a call.'
Lady Lazurus.
Cliched I know but I'm heading for 30 and it scares me sometimes.
11. 'The Forest of Dull'
12. Fear that one is, in fact, extremely boring
13. Yup.
14. No idea. I believe E stops working if you take it too regularly. But I wouldn't know - I like it so much I've only ever taken it twice.
15. The idea that quantity of questions is more important that quality
16. I don't think I ever have directly. I probably should have.
17. Not that I've worked out.
18. Need to feed myself.
19. That's really up to Alison. I should, though.
14th May, 2002 06:54 (UTC)
1. Uh
2. e.i
3. 28
4. at
5. As it happens, yes. I had to check both of them, but what I thought they meant turned out to be right.
6. No. Although I've a New Model Army shirt that might prove a temptation too far.
7. Using Evil Whitening Washing Powder of Doom, presumably.
8. No. And having lived in Jamaica, I've seen enough of it to be fairly certain.
9. Living.
10. That's too big a question for this time of day.
11. "A concise history of the collapse of the international banks"
12. A well-researched and accurate one.
13. Random? Not nearly hatstand enough for my pixiestick.
14. That depends on whether one plans to use one's brain again afterwards.
15. Pascal (translated, obviously): "I am sorry for the length of my letter, but I had not the time to write a shorter one."
16. I don't think I've ever met anyone who never had anything interesting to say. I've had to tell a few people that they're talking crap, or that at that point they didn't seem to have anything worthwhile to say and were wasting my time, but that's not the same thing.
17. Probably not. Honesty and being straightforward come recommended, though.
18. I'll tell you once I've posted it.
19. Nope. It's probably about time for her tea-break.
14th May, 2002 08:00 (UTC)
1. eh
2. 29, i or pi
3. 9
4. in
5. no- don't know what a preposition is ( i am stupit, laugh at me..)
6. i don't wear white, except at Beltane
7. wear black :)
8. probably, either that or burn
9. boredom, hatred
10.that song about marriage by CRASS on Penis Envy always makes me cry- i'll never be untrue to you, don't know why...
11. Yeast Two-Hybrid: setting the trap for protein-protein interactions
12. the yeast two-hybrid system for analysing protein-protein interactions- not a book, but i'm trying out this title for a lab report.
13. yes?
14. personally, never. i don't take drugs because my thoughts are crazy & interesting enough that i don't want to.
15. because they are designed to waste time
16. yes. but they just don't listen.
17. politely start to do something else? hang up the phone & say you were disconnected?
18. the randomness of the questions
19. as long as work is fu
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