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The shell is sleeping, my soul is not

My thrilling weekend continues, with more (small) things achieved, no money spent (thanks to pavlos for buying me lunch), calorie count kept to and vegetables eaten. I do feel better for it, but I have to pat myself on the back for it or I lose the urge to be good...

List Of Good Stuff I Did Today
  • Showered and conditioned the fuck out of my hair
  • Ate a big fruit salad
  • Did more BiCon stuff, fed numbers to spreadsheet, saw that it was good
  • Went out and met Pavlos and Anastasia, ate a huge Caesar salad, did not buy clothes or anything else
  • Copied some Apop CDs and made pretty inserts for them
  • Washed more clothes, hung out more clothes (not mine), did some washing up
  • Finally gave up and killed my old basil plant. The new plant is looking healthy enough to stand alone. Ate the last of the old plant with scallops and garlic and tomatoes and a side order of asparagus. Yummy

So that's seven or eight portions of fruit and veg today and, ok, not enough carbohydrates, but it evens out in the end...

And I've been thinking hard about the various uncatalogued dieting/body image/eating memes in my head. Some of them need to be pinned down, defined and kicked the fuck out of, I think - but it can be done.



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13th May, 2002 08:27 (UTC)
Is that title from a song lyric? It sounds familiar, but I'm not sure...
13th May, 2002 09:00 (UTC)
Yup. Apop: Half Asleep
13th May, 2002 09:07 (UTC)
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