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OK, it's a long title, but it need both lines to make any sense. So, all I mean is that I'm in a bit of a confused state of mind, possibly due to feeling crappy this morning. But I have managed to achieve some things today, and I don't mind not going out tonight, especially after last night's excessive drinking with Alex's pals...

Today I have:-
  • Sorted out a huge pile of BiCon cheques ready to pay in
  • Done half all the data entry for BiCon
  • Returned the crap speakers I bought for my computer and exchanged them for some cash and a lead so I can just feed the sound through the hi-fi instead. Sadly I found that a lead between the CD player and sound card is missing, which will have to wait till Paul returns to fix it (yes, I know, I'm crap, I don't do opening PCs in any way)
  • Added up the extra calories I ate this week and found they don't come to *that* much, so I should stop beating myself about the head.
  • Washed clothes, hung out clothes - dull stuff like that
  • Bought food for lunches next week, plus some nice low calories deserts and stuff
  • Given a few odds and ends to the charity shop
  • Ate my five portions of fruit and veg. Mmm grapefruit juice.
So on the whole I guess I'm not actually a bad person.