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At least that what I'm going to be trying to persuade myself of this week, as my schedule is absolutely empty this weekend, and my bank account isn't much fuller. TV is going to be shite, though, so I'll be mostly doing BiCon admin, which is OK because we had another ten bookings today, and I'm still expecting a few more last minuters (we're very forgiving people), so I should have a whole bundle of cheques to pay in tomorrow morning and then around 60 confirmations to send out. Rar! Oh, and I'd better send the deposit to the venue...

Still, and entire weekend doing what I do at work doesn't fill me with joy, so if anyone else is around and wants to come over for some food or go out for an inexpensive coffee, let me know.



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10th May, 2002 06:38 (UTC)
cheap coffee
I'd love to but I'm at a wedding on Saturday. When we get back on Sunday afternoon and if I'm not feeling like death warmed up shall I give you a call?
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