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Are we nearly there yet?

Does anyone know what time the action starts on Calton Hill?

I'm all excited. And I'm on holiday now, so I'll post more when the after work wine has worn off a bit. Want pretty red people! NOW!



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30th Apr, 2002 11:37 (UTC)
10pm, I believe. Are you guys planning on heading anywhere for a drink first?
30th Apr, 2002 12:31 (UTC)
Probably not, cos I'm not nearly ready yet, but I've added my mobile number to my most recent friends only post, in case you want to find me...
30th Apr, 2002 12:17 (UTC)
They light the bonfires at sunset, I believe. I think I'm going to be shite and not go - have fun and with a bit of luck I'll make it next year.
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