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Gak I'm angry! I know I shouldn't bother because it's all so predictable, but I just wasted half an hour in Costa coffee today, which I discover has blocked Livejournal as 'likely to contain unsuitable content'. I eventually persuaded them to give me my quid back, since that was the only thing I'd come in there for, though they seemed worried I might have memorised the 12 digit logion code and (heaven forfend) be able to log in again at another branch. As if I'd want to!

Now I'm in EasyEverything in Glasgow (did I mention I'm in Glasgow?) in the rain and sulking because I don't quite have time to go to Cyber before I go back to today's event, and I shouldn't go to Cyber anyway if I want to spend less than £200 on clothes this month. But I want to - bah!

The number of things I access that get blocked by Net nannies is making me think a thought, though (well, several related thoughts). What if people were to start looking e.g me up online and find that their work blocked my site, and what if I was going for a job there - would they assume I was a child pornographer and not take me? And what about all these allegedly public access terminals that politicians are talking about installing - are they covered by net nannies? And who should I complain to about Costa or any of the other terminals that won't do what I want? Is it libelous to block my site and tell people it 'may' contain dodgy material. And if not why not?

Sod it, I am going to go to Cyber. So there.


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30th Apr, 2002 03:21 (UTC)
Censorship Grrr
My mum informed me she is going on a protest march in favour of more censorship on the internet.

Then we had an argument about it.

I am completely out to her, about everything, and she usually acts like she doesn't have a problem. But then when it gets to certain issues (SM is one, but there's other things) she starts on about 'protecting children'. And I start on about how I am all for children being protected from things they actually need protection from and no I'm not talking out my arse I was a teacher for 9 years dammit and one of us will eventually change the subject.

Maybe I should find out where it is and protest. Make a banner saying 'It takes 2 religious bigots to make a sadomasochist porn-writing pervert'.

Maybe not.

Sorry to hijack your LJ for ranting!

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