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There's always the sun

Well it's nice and bright and freezing cold outside, but I managed to go out in it and achieve a few things before running home again. Got cotton wool from the cotton wool shop, bought enough food for the weekend and some pens to write on CD-Rs. Also had a go at the Tesco on line ordering system in order to avoid repeating the supermarket experience from hell. It's not easy to use, but possibly easier than spending three hours in the store. Now I just have to see if what I've ordered turns up at all.

Now I'm doing some BiCon work and getting really frustrated because I don't have the facilities I have at work. I need to sort out my workspace so I can reach the hole punch and little things like that, because I'm petty like that and I growl at people if things aren't where they should be. Still we now have 29 BiCon bookings, and some of them have offered some interesting workshops. I must work on a workshop list next.



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27th Apr, 2002 08:03 (UTC)
1) There's always the sun
Do you have that, as well? ~bounces~

2) Current Music:Spear of Destiny: Liberator
~grins~ He lives near me...bless his Boy-George-suing closet-case heart...

~hugs~ Sorry. Your posts make me geek. ~g~ Sorry.

28th Apr, 2002 04:01 (UTC)
shopping online
me and paul like Sainburystoyou, they always deliver what we order, except when they are out of stock...
29th Apr, 2002 03:50 (UTC)
Tesco are pretty good. I've not had any trouble with them.
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