Purple Rabbits (purplerabbits) wrote,
Purple Rabbits

I need a brand new friend who doesn't trouble me

Ugh, LJ is so slow I may have to resort to doing some work.

Actually I have managed some work this morning, having been refreshed by pleasant evening out with Kaela, Paul and Kaela's partner Angus, who's wonderful. I've never met him before, in spite of having been out drinking with Kaela a lot in the 8 or 9 months I've known her, as he works stupid hours as a sound technician at the Festival Theatre. He's a sweetie, though, and a somewhat different kind of geek than I usually meet. As planned, I ate Caesar salad and drank black beer, and we talked about accents, and why lightbulbs explode, and why Ozzie travellers say g'day and no worries all the time, and what it's like to have poisonous insects around all the time, and DVD players, and Australian and British politics, and exactly what goes down a SCART cable, and the correct temperature of beer, and...

As you may have gathered, Angus and Kaela are from Australia, though they're now looking to buy a house here. At least we avoided the Inevitable Edinburgh House Buying Conversation though. I personally consider that a triumph.

Now I guess I'd better go back to work. Humph.
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