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You'll never walk alone

After Trish's time poll, I sat down and tried to work out how often I'd spent alone in the last fortnight. Lets see:-

Tonight (23rd) was a scheduled conversation and a flat meal
Yesterday (22nd) I went to the pub with Jon
Sunday 21st I saw Paul and Gothslut
Saturday 20th went clubbing (Ascension)
Friday 19th also clubbing (Finsternis)
Thursday is always Buffy, until we give up on it...
Wednesday 17th was pub with work colleagues, followed by failing to see Amelie with Sandy and going for French food instead
Tuesday 16th Pavlos came round. Rar!
Monday 15th I had hellish supermarket visit with Paul
Sunday 14th Had scheduled to do useful stuff with Paul but was too knackered so ended up book and coffee shopping instead
Saturday 13th I was clubbing at Joy
Friday 12th Went to pub with Jon
Thursday 11th, Buffy again
Wednesday 10th, pub with some ex-colleagues
Tuesday 9th, flat meal
Monday 8th, caught up with Sandy about BiCon and other stuff
Sunday 7th, Shopping and coffee with Paul followed by film with Paul, Pavlos and Jon
Saturday 6th clubbing at Ascension
Friday 5th, Pub with Jon, Paul and Alex
Thursday 4th Buffy, with Alex round
Wednesday 3rd Dinner with Paul for anniversary
Tuesday 2nd: dinner with Paul and his mum
Monday 1st April I had a nice quiet day to recover from the hugely busy big party weekend.


I don't know how much I actually need time on my own. But maybe I should try it once in a while so I can remember what it's like. No wonder I haven't written anything in months...
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