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Reasons to be cheerful/Unhappy girl

I is listening to music courtesy of no-god.com. They have most excellent taste in music, even though it starts playing as soon as you access the URL, so don't try this at work kids. I also recommend their 'dress Dubya' game with the sound turned on for minutes and minutes of childish hilarity - especially if you can face taking his underpants off - eew!

Life has been dead busy and somewhat stressful of late, but a quick stock-take of pros and cons shows this to have been a good week.


  1. My annual review went well: my boss thinks I'm the best thing since the best thing before sliced bread
  2. As a consequence of 1) I am getting a promotion. I get a new much snazzier job title, which doesn't have the words 'assistant' or 'administrator' in it. Also a bit more money and the go-ahead to recruit an assistant, who I will be line-managing. Eek! But cool...
  3. There's also a budget for a new computer with every new start. Needless to say the new start won't get the new computer - I will. I'll get a new graphite iMac and they'll get my old turquoise one of 2-3 years ago
  4. I now have a working CD writer, thanks to Paul. Woo!
  5. I've done the data entry for BiCon and we now have 17 registrations. Also tweaked the database and helped Paul do some work on the Web pages. News of extended discounted rates is now out on bicon2002
  6. Bought a funky bobbly leatherette jacket that makes me look "like something out of Blakes 7 - but in a good way" according to Paul. Also a handy moulded backpack and a little velvet bustier. Total £21 - second hand clothes shopping rocks! I resisted more platform boots, as one pair of muppet boots is probably enough until I can save up for ones with spikes/flashing lights/ holes in etc.
  7. I also bought two new Ursula leGuin books (The Other Wind and The Birthday of The World and other stories). But on credit card, so it's out of next month's pay cheque really
  8. I had a fab time at Conception and danced my feet off. Which was a problem when it came to walking home...


  1. My promotion is kind of Dilbertian, as I don't get nearly enough extra money to justify my extra responsibility. I'm working on that one, and made sure my opinion got into the feedback from my review
  2. The job of recruitment plus the general stress of convincing higher management of anything means less time to do my actual job
  3. Stress overflow from BiCon discussions caused me much irritation and unhappiness midweek. I think it's under control now, but it's kind of still there, and I don't have a good answer
  4. My CD writer seems to produce CDs that my CD player in my room won't play. This could be due to the crappy portable CD player plugged into my hi-fi - they work fine in Paul's machine and the baby boombox in the kitchen, so maybe it's time for a proper CD player - more expenditure *sigh*.
  5. Serial ports still don't work. Palm needing new batteries and therefore back up. What to do?
  6. Still spending too much. Still overdrawn. But still - get paid on the 25th.
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