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I seem to be going to Joy tonight with pavlos, sibelian and Other Paul. I have bought a virulent glowy pink net top to celebrate. I don't know what it's going to be like, but it will certainly make a change... I just spent about eighty quid on clothes, which I can hardly afford. It was only my great will power that I resisted most of the stock of Underground Nation. Having realised that Cyberdog stuff can fit me is going to my head - and I still want the light up belt with the pockets, it just that it's hard to envisage over any skirts that I might wear (and it was 27 quids...)

The most amazing thing I bought today, though, was tights. This won't make sense to anyone who doesn't know me well, but it's been twelve years or more since I've worn tights - it's very weird to be fitting into all this stuff.

Which by a fairly obvious association of ideas leads me to remember that I've only eaten 280 calories today. Must. Eat. Food.