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Sushi fish, sushi fish, I wanna be a sushi fish

I am eating Tesco vegetarian 'adventurous sushi' with one hand while typing this. Being vegetarian there's a limit to how adventurous it can be,in my mind - no raw squids, for instance, but it is very nice and very low calorie, and has more wasabi than the bland Boots stuff I usually get. The reason I went to Tescos was that I was off visiting a venue this morning, which in turn means I wasn't here. Hurrah!

Unfortunately my useless hippy half of a line manager *is* here, even though she's not meant to be. Hence headphones and work avoidance. I would actually be working if she wasn't in, cos I'd be filing and stuff that means I have to move around, which is better done with loud music and no headphones. I don't know is there's any valid way I can complain about her level of presenteeism, but it's really ruining my work life at the moment.
Tags: food
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