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9th Apr, 2002 08:49 (UTC)
Fun? What's that?
My commiserations; I've been reading the site that ciphergoth pointed to a few days ago (http://www.jwz.org/gruntle/design.html) and realising how far my life is from that of a club-owning software writer living in San Francisco. Made even more galling by the fact that he mentions someone I know who lives there now who is obviously also living a swinging, happening kinda life.

All I can say is, I should be around the last weekend in April and maybe we can go for a drink? If that's anything to look forward to...
9th Apr, 2002 09:16 (UTC)
Re: Fun? What's that?
Did you read this?
9th Apr, 2002 10:46 (UTC)
Re: Fun? What's that?
My gods...

Its a good read.

Its like Microserfs... But seemingly more real...

Heh - Interesting to see that somethings rarely change (i.e. programmers not washing!!)

I could never be a programmer...



10th Apr, 2002 03:57 (UTC)
Re: Fun? What's that?
Yes, I did; it sounds like why people sail round the world single-handed - bloody awful at the time but it makes a good story for years afterwards.

Myself, I've always (well, for about 15 years) wanted to be a programmer. I see it as a glamourous, exciting and well-paid life, even after having read this. That's how dull my existence is!
9th Apr, 2002 12:03 (UTC)
Re: Fun? What's that?
We should certainly meet up when you're here. Are you going to the Philip Glass concert and/or Koyaniscatsii?
10th Apr, 2002 03:58 (UTC)
Re: Fun? What's that?
Going to Koyaniscatsii, free after that if it's convenient. I'm also going to Pharaoh Sanders on the Friday and Man With a Movie Camera on Saturday, so later on Saturday would also be possible.
9th Apr, 2002 08:53 (UTC)
You're right, that's depressing. Not so much for me right now - as my spending goes at the moment it's all fine - but I fed in what i'm likely to be paying on top of that for mortgage, bills and tax and got a shock ...

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