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Because I am strange (which will have to do you because I can't be arsed explaining just now) I worship (fsvo 'worship') a different god every year, changing over at Beltaine. I need a god for next year. This year was Seshet, Egyptian goddess of writing and scribes. Next year I want someone more fun, someone who does dance and drugs, maybe, and it's allowed to be male, since I seem to tend to alternate gods and goddesses, though that's not obligatory. In the past I've had Isis, Astarte, Eris, and Ganesh, amoung others.

So, any suggestions? Applicants should provide a URL, if at all possible...


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8th Apr, 2002 11:30 (UTC)
All I have to say is that you're the only LJ user with Ngaio Marsh in your interests, aside from myself, and the fact that you mentioned Dorothy L Sayers as well makes me come very close to saying "I love you". So rock on, sister, rock on.
8th Apr, 2002 11:51 (UTC)
Applicants should provide a URL, if at all possible...

"Click here to download selected god"
8th Apr, 2002 13:59 (UTC)
dionysus or bacchus, although that's maybe a pretty obvious choice.

or you could go for norse god loki. he's cool. i haven't looked for any URLs, but i have some nice books on mythology ...

btw, when is beltane? i forget (but i am so going).
8th Apr, 2002 16:43 (UTC)
Bast feels appropriate...I remain devoted to Kali, the bitch has her hooks in me good....

9th Apr, 2002 03:31 (UTC)
get your gods here...
How about:

Brigit - Ireland; goddess of agriculture, fire, healing, inspiration, learning divination, occult knowledge, poetry, prophecy, smithcraft. Her Gaelic name of Breo-saighead means "fiery arrow" or "fiery power." Celts often referred to her as being three in one - the Triple Brigits or the Three Mothers. An ever-burning fire was kept in her honor by her nineteen priestesses who lived in a sacred temple at Kildare. She was also a daughter of the Dagda. Variants: Brid, Brig, Brigid, Brighid

She was turned into a saint but is being reclaimed by neo-pagans.


The Dagda - Ireland; god of the arts, knowledge, magic, music, prophecy, prosperity, regeneration. Known as the "Good God" and "Lord of the Heavens," he was one of the high kings of the Tuatha De Danann and had four great palaces under hollow hills. Of his children, the most important are Brigit, Angus, Midir, Ogma and Bodb the Red. His magical cauldron had an inexhaustible supply of food and his oak harp made the seasons change.

I like the sound of the inexhaustible food supply, myself.


Morrigan - Ireland, Wales, Britain; a shapeshifting war goddess of lust, magic, prophecy, revenge, war. Known as Great Queen, Supreme War Goddess, Queen of Phantoms, and Specter Queen, she kept company with Fea (hateful), Badb (fury), and Macha (battle). Variants: Morrigu, Morrighan, Morgan.

Might be an overly exciting year with her, though.

All quotes from here.
9th Apr, 2002 03:55 (UTC)
I tend to let them find me ...

however, for drugs and partying, Dionysus/Bacchus would be appropriate, though he does have a rather darker side as well - no urls, but I could probably come up with a booklist ...

most of the Norse pantheon seem to fit the given specification, too, come to think of it ...
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